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  • Dark Times – an AI generated, I edited article

    Dark Times – an AI generated, I edited article

    As we grapple with the implications of these developments, it becomes increasingly clear that the struggle for freedom of expression extends far beyond the realm of artists, impacting the fundamental rights of all individuals. Whether in China or elsewhere, the ability to express dissenting views and challenge authority lies at the heart of a vibrant…

  • 一場遊戲一場夢



  • 過去的對談



  • Bridge to Palestine

    Bridge to Palestine

    The exhibition would not be categorized into any particular type in the history as it is a clear mixture of such, especially in a region that is emerging and stuck in the turmoil. Nonetheless, the influence of pop art and abstract art, despite being late in terms of chronology, is profound.It is absolutely interesting to…

  • I Confess: I Am Guilty

    I Confess: I Am Guilty

    Yes, it would always be nice to sit and stare a Yves Klein, while time elapses. But wouldn’t it be nicer to know that by appreciating artworks or producing artworks through other channels, we are creating an environment, both literally and figuratively, which would cultivate more up and coming Yves Kleins, Jackson Pollocks, Yayoi Kusamas?