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  • A Revealing Glimpse

    A Revealing Glimpse

    However, art is undoubtedly about politics, of the society, of the environment, or of the artists themselves. Be it the struggles, the confusion, the redemption, or the status quo, politics in art, especially contemporary art, is hardly avoidable, just like some might argue my eligibility to write this piece being someone who has never been…

  • That Tea Tasting Party

    That Tea Tasting Party

    The art industry has chosen to exist in this way, and it probably will continue to be. It’s only that the hypocrisy of the idea to make art accessible is making me sick.

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    “Hello World”, this simplest phrase that tens of millions of coders use to test the feasibility and functionality of their codes, is the closest and merely suitable metaphor for the status quo. It is a luxury, for many, to see the world in this country, which was not long ago, the largest country when it…