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  • The Walking Guide for a generation that is not

    The Walking Guide for a generation that is not

    Everyone who goes to 2046 has the same intention, they want to recapture lost memories. Because in 2046 nothing ever changes. But, nobody knows if that is true or not because no-one has ever

  • Un Bout de Moi/A piece of MEAT

    Un Bout de Moi/A piece of MEAT

    To be an artist, of whatever sort, more than technique is required. To think of Yuanfang’s works being pieces of her, literally or metaphorically, is a path to understand an artist, a female, a person, and to comprehend her emotions, desires and the complexities of her bare existence. Unlike asking for the price of a…

  • Bridge to Palestine

    Bridge to Palestine

    The exhibition would not be categorized into any particular type in the history as it is a clear mixture of such, especially in a region that is emerging and stuck in the turmoil. Nonetheless, the influence of pop art and abstract art, despite being late in terms of chronology, is profound.It is absolutely interesting to…

  • I Confess: I Am Guilty

    I Confess: I Am Guilty

    Yes, it would always be nice to sit and stare a Yves Klein, while time elapses. But wouldn’t it be nicer to know that by appreciating artworks or producing artworks through other channels, we are creating an environment, both literally and figuratively, which would cultivate more up and coming Yves Kleins, Jackson Pollocks, Yayoi Kusamas?

  • A Revealing Glimpse

    A Revealing Glimpse

    However, art is undoubtedly about politics, of the society, of the environment, or of the artists themselves. Be it the struggles, the confusion, the redemption, or the status quo, politics in art, especially contemporary art, is hardly avoidable, just like some might argue my eligibility to write this piece being someone who has never been…

  • That Tea Tasting Party

    That Tea Tasting Party

    The art industry has chosen to exist in this way, and it probably will continue to be. It’s only that the hypocrisy of the idea to make art accessible is making me sick.

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    “Hello World”, this simplest phrase that tens of millions of coders use to test the feasibility and functionality of their codes, is the closest and merely suitable metaphor for the status quo. It is a luxury, for many, to see the world in this country, which was not long ago, the largest country when it…